Not quite my Prophecy post, (that's still a WIP) but here's some art I did while I was away.  

First up, a piece I did for

[personal profile] hillas a thankyou for the beautiful Percy art she gifted me with at Prophecy!  (which I will post in another post!)
This (I was extremely shocked to realise) was the first time I have drawn Hagrid!  And while I was painting him, I have to admit I was suddenly struck by how much he's like Chewbacca!  ;~P  (except Chewie's smarter. heh)
Anyway, putting it under a SPOILER CUT cos it's DH art and I don't want to upset anyone.


Argh! (randomly laments missing 'talk like a Pirate Day') Have to go pick up the boy from Cadets...  Friday night is too short!!

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( Jul. 23rd, 2007 12:33 am)

We bought 3 copies!  So 3 of my kids are are currently at various points in the book.

Am I being unreasonable letting them stay home from school tomorrow so they can finish it without being Spoiled?  (my 10yo's School is having a day off anyway, which would normally piss me off, but I decided it was very thoughtful of them to call a pupil free day just after the book came out!  ;~P)

ETA: I haven't seen the US version yet.  Anyone know if the Chapter Header art is online somewhere?  :~)
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( Jun. 27th, 2007 11:02 am)
In an effort to avoid Deathly Hallows SPOILERS, from now on I'll be reading my flist with all community posts filtered out.   Just so you know.  ;~)
Well, I am completely a-squeeee and utterly chuffed! My art got first place in the Photoshop section of the TLC Deathly Hallows coverart contest! Thankyou Leaky!!

If you haven't already, you must head over and have a look at the other beautiful entries!

Here are some larger versions of mine for you -

click for pix )


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