Two years after the 7 Feb 2009 bushfires, Nillumbik Shire Council presents a series of events representing artistic resposes to the bushfires by Nillumbik artists and groups.

Eltham Library Community Gallery

Courthouse Readings by local poets. 7.30pm 17.02.11

I'm very proud and honoured to be a part of the "Symbols of Loss & Recovery Community Exhibition."

My "Phoenix rises from the Ashes" painting is on display at Bridges Restaurant in Hurstbridge. 3-21.02.11

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( Mar. 1st, 2010 01:45 pm)
Yesterday, being the last day of Feb and a lovely cool day to boot, I found myself breathing a big sigh of relief for the passing of the fire season. And what happened? A grass fire on the next hill!! (3minute walk?) So my kids ran down to watch, and the main road was closed and there were fire trucks... *flails* It was like a smiting, I swear! Just as I thought, 'yay, fire-danger is over for this season'...BOOM! There it was. O.o

The firies had it under control quickly, but...yeah.

Yay Autumn!
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( Nov. 10th, 2009 11:05 pm)
A drive-by posting cos we've been cut to dail-up till the 15th. Grrr! Just to let you all know that we're ok. The fires were under control by the time I found out about them. The school didn't send the kids home, so I guessed it couldn't have been too exciting. :~P Kids didn't know anything about it. But when I went to hang out some washing later, the sunlight had that orangey sort of bushfire glow, and I could see a thin layer of smoke over the sun (shafts of sunset-like beams coming from the sun) despite the blue sky. Not sure where that was from. :~( Another hot day forecast for tomorrow, and the rest of the week. Everything is going BROWN fast. *sigh*

*wishes she could move to Tassie.*
Yep.  Fecking Fire season.

My eldest (the one with Downs) just called to let me know they were being moved from Hurstbridge to Lower Plenty cos there's a FIRE at Hurstbridge.


Looked it up on the CFA incident summary page, and it's listed as a grassfire and under control.  Nevertheless... a few days of 35*C and off we go again.  

*HATES Summer*

ETA: ok, a siren just went past so I did a refresh on the incident summary... there's one in the next street!  Right near my kids school!  *wibbles*

*considers packing*

*refreshes page*  Shit, it now says there are 3 firetrucks there.

I'm off to bring the birds in.  :~(

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( Feb. 13th, 2009 01:20 pm)

For those on Facebook, Samboy Chips are running a competition where the largest Facebook group with their name in it wins $10,000. Someone has cleverly thought to use this to further contribute to the bush fire appeal. You don't need to be in Australia to help out here so if you have a Facebook account join this group:
If they win the competition the full value will be donated through Myer which effectively makes it a $20,000 donation (subject to Myer not having reached its $50,000 commitment already).

Doooo eeeet!  :~)
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( Feb. 11th, 2009 08:48 pm)
I feel incredibly privileged to have such wonderful friends on my flist.  I want to hug all of you. 

The fires here have been utterly devastating.   And came way too close for comfort!  Back in 1983, during the Ash Wednesday fires, ash and embers were carrying all the way from Anglesea to the city centre.  I remember standing outside work (in East Melbourne), watching the ash fall.  It scared the shit out of me then, and felt like the end of the world.  So I was well aware how far ahead of the main fire the ash and embers could fly... and we were definitely in range this time.   Fortunately for us, the wind was blowing it east of us, but what a subjective fortune.  :~(  The lives lost are almost inconprehensible. 181 people dead so far.

My friend, June, who breeds birds, and whom we bought Buffy from, had only recently moved to Kinglake West, lost her house, 3 cats, an eclectus, and a 4wk old sun conure.  But thankfully she and her family are alive, as are most of her flock.

I found out tonight, that a friend of a friend, who no one could contact for days and we were all imagining the worst, finally got through on the phone.  She and her family are fine, and they managed to save their house!  But their neighbours were not so lucky: they fled at the last minute and were part of the 4 car pile-up on one of the roads.  The tragic irony is that the neighbour's house survived.  So if he had stayed with it, he'd still be alive.  :~(

This photo was taken from Carmel's house by her daughter a couple of nights ago.  Bushfire cloud hanging overhead.

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( Feb. 8th, 2009 10:32 am)

Six dead in Kinglake: 'The whole town is gone'


No, I haven't been able to contact my friend.  She breeds birds and moved to Kinglake just before Xmas.
The cool change came through, and the temperature dropped YAY!the cut I always forget. )


14 dead in Victoria bushfires

I'm really concerned about friends in Kinglake and the Bendigo area. 

That's over 116* F!

This is INSANE.  I have never felt that sort of heat in my life!  (Yes, I know that's the sort of temp - and hotter - that they get in Central Australia and the Middle East, but this is MELBOURNE!)

Girlfriend, Carmel called in for a visit (we ate our Optifast bars together ;~P) and we noticed the bushfire brown sky just before she left.  Then we stepped outside and saw THIS -

That's not a cloud behind that blanket of brown, it's smoke.  Rolling and roiling as we watched, looking frighteningly like a bloody nuke! From a bushfire maybe 20km away.  *flails*  The wind is HORRIBLE.  :~C  The heat is unbelievable...

Carmel has had to take a different (and longer) route home because of the fire danger between her house and ours.  *flails*



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