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( Jul. 21st, 2005 08:05 am)
My youngest son drew the HP cast while I was reading HBP to him last night...

The result...best fanart ever )
My 10yo daughter came home from school this afternoon with the wonderful news that some delightful little TWAT had spoiled the book for her (and the rest of the class)! This after several members of the class said very loudly that they did not want to hear or be spoiled.

I am ludicrously angry about this. Maybe because the same thing happened to her when OotP came out.

Moral of the story is, I guess, to make sure my daughter gets the next book read in the first couple of days like me.

My younger son hasn't been spoiled yet, so I'm off to read to him (this is the first of the HP books he's actually been keenly reading himself) so he can hopefully get it read before one of the little 'darlings' in his class decide to ruin it for everyone else!
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( Jan. 13th, 2005 08:42 am)
Look what came in the mail yesterday!!

This was the drawing my youngest son sent to Ian McKellen. It has come back, signed by Sir Ian AND he has drawn himself as Gandalf on it!!!

Youngest son is thrilled. (and so are his mum and dad!)

will be framing this one!! :~D

pic )
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( Oct. 8th, 2004 05:26 am)
Been on a bit of a Moulin Rouge kick the last couple of weeks - playing the music lots etc. Tonight I sat down with the kids and watched Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet. My 13yo had watched it with me some yrs ago and loved it, and I realised that the 2 younger ones had yet to be introduced to the joys of Shakespeare.

Honestly, showing your kids a good movie - and probably more importantly watching it with them - is almost like watching it for the first time yourself all over again. "Like a virgin" as they say. ;~)
There's this whole freshness and discovery thing going on.

Admittedly, my 8yo son didn't really pay attention in the middle section of the film, but he was rivited for the last half hour or 40 mins. And my 9yo daughter lapped it up like the cinema sponge she is.
But it really was dead-set awesome hearing them discuss what they thought would happen while they watched. They didn't think Romeo or Juliet would die - or maybe one of them would (probably Romeo cos he was Jack in Titanic and he died in that - don't you love their reasoning?! ;~) ). And of course Juliet was waking up and couldn't he see her?? Then the - OMG! He took the poison! Then the stunned silence from the both of them when Juliet killed herself.

The language of the film barely phased them - I really only had to translate a couple of times - which is testimony to well-acted Shakespeare IMO. Now my daughter wants to see a version of it set in the time period it was written for. :~D *rubs hands gleefully* More Shakespeare to come soon methinks! :~D
Australia is having a National election on Saturday. Hubby and I were discussing our options for voting (he has to work on Sat) in the car this morning, on the way to dropping off our two youngest at school, when master 8 pipes up from the back seat - "Who are you voting for, Dad? Bush or the other guy?"
Ah, they don't call us the 51st state for nothing!
So after much spluttering and chuckling and explaining that we could not in fact vote for the US President, we asked him to name Australia's Prime Minister.
His response... "Um... George Washington?"
More cackles and cries of outrage from the front seat, whereupon master 8 hastily corrects himself - "Jay Leno!"
Needless to say, we knew by then that the case was hopeless.
"I'll give you a hint," says hubby. "He's a little man with glasses and his first name is John-"
"John Lennon!" pipes up master 8 enthusiastically.
"John Howard!" his sister butts in (9) triumphantly, thereby killing the chance of any more gems of wisdom from master 8.
Oh well, at least he knows the name of our PM now. :~P
#1 son is currently in the front yard, in the twilight, loudly being Harry Potter.  I sent him out to get the mail from the letterbox and I guess he encountered a couple of Dementors on the way.  :~D 
He and son#3 were playing HP in front the PS2 eyetoy and son#1 took it upon himself to put a red biro scar on his forehead, scrounged his old glasses (which are very Harry Potter-like) out of a cupboard, a dressing gown for robes, and is out there right now shouting "Expecto Patronum" at the top of his lungs.  I can hear him in here, so I'm sure all the neighbours are sharing the joy as well.  :~)
#1 son has Down syndrome and his speech is rather poor, so his Expecto Patronum sounds more like "PeckoRownum!", which is pretty amusing to say the least, but I can't fault his enthusiasm!
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( Jun. 12th, 2004 01:15 pm)
My kids are watching Mario Bros (sad I know).  Guess who's in it?  PETUNIA DURSLEY.  Bwahahahaha!  Totally cool.  She's Dennis Hopper's (the BAD guy) moll.  How cool is that?
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( Mar. 2nd, 2004 02:12 pm)

Being bad today.  Mood is highly unstable which I blame wholeheartedly on the fact that my period has come a week early.  *sigh*  Still, on the positive side - that means I get to be fertile while the moon is waxing, which ALWAYS = wonderful creativity for me.  Muse is probably creeping up behind me as I type.  *glances over shoulder*

Wish I could write.  I haven't written anything in MONTHS.  I ache to write.  But every time I open a file to do it I just sit gazing at the blank screen.  :~(   Want to draw too.  Must finish folio first though...

I'm copying the audio book of GoF at the moment.  (told you I was being bad) But it's so much fun to listen to while doing the dishes and shit like that!  Makes the time fly and I hardly notice the work.

GAH! The kids'll be home in half an hour and what have I got to show for today???  Nothing!  (apart from a couple of loads of clothes on the line and the dishes washed) Hate that. 

Couldn't believe it when LOTR won best pic at the Academy Awards last night. (and so it should have!) First time ever a 'genre' film has won.  WOW, they'll be letting an SF or an action film win next and I'll think I've slid into an alternate universe or something! 

Bah!  Washing machine calleth....


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( Feb. 29th, 2004 06:45 pm)

Finished that window frame today.  Feeling good about that.  :~)  Stencilled nice celtic patterns onto it and have received very positive responses from the rest of the family.  Now I have to think of something to do with the kitchen walls that will match it...  Currently contemplating going all out and doing a sky ceiling!  It's such a crappy old, little kitchen, painting it like that will take my (and everyone else's) mind off it's crappiness.  And keep my creativity active.

Got two of the kids home tomorrow plus minding one extra. *glares at school*  Fecking 'pupil free days'.  Then ALL the schools are going on strike on Wednesday!  Bastards.

On a brighter note...

NEW COMPUTER!  *does Happy Dance*  Better...stronger...faster... *cue 6million$Man music*  Gah!  Now I'm really showing my age.  Now I'm learning to drive said computer.  Looking forward to being able to run Painter on this one!!!




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