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( Mar. 14th, 2004 09:05 pm)

Just successfully ‘burned’ my first CD-ROM.  WHOO HOO!  Go me!  Folio printout here I come at last.  :~D

Yes, our computer-clever buddy came and installed a DVD burner last night.  *drools*  Heheheh.  So much scope for the imagination….  And, best of all, I’ll now be able to ‘save’ all those insanely large (200meg anyone?) art files.  Such a relief.  I cannot begin to describe how stressed and paranoid I have felt not being able to save them off.  The thought of being robbed and losing all my work…

But at least that’s not a problem anymore!  *grovels at feet of computer buddy*


My Mum is feeling a little better, thank goodness.  She was vomiting continuously till Friday morning, but they finally got her stabilised and she’s home again.  Still not feeling great, but much better than she was at least.


Wicked Muse is bombarding me with images of swim-suited Hogwarts students.  A little thing which [livejournal.com profile] glockgal alerted me to.


Itching to draw…

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( Mar. 2nd, 2004 02:12 pm)

Being bad today.  Mood is highly unstable which I blame wholeheartedly on the fact that my period has come a week early.  *sigh*  Still, on the positive side - that means I get to be fertile while the moon is waxing, which ALWAYS = wonderful creativity for me.  Muse is probably creeping up behind me as I type.  *glances over shoulder*

Wish I could write.  I haven't written anything in MONTHS.  I ache to write.  But every time I open a file to do it I just sit gazing at the blank screen.  :~(   Want to draw too.  Must finish folio first though...

I'm copying the audio book of GoF at the moment.  (told you I was being bad) But it's so much fun to listen to while doing the dishes and shit like that!  Makes the time fly and I hardly notice the work.

GAH! The kids'll be home in half an hour and what have I got to show for today???  Nothing!  (apart from a couple of loads of clothes on the line and the dishes washed) Hate that. 

Couldn't believe it when LOTR won best pic at the Academy Awards last night. (and so it should have!) First time ever a 'genre' film has won.  WOW, they'll be letting an SF or an action film win next and I'll think I've slid into an alternate universe or something! 

Bah!  Washing machine calleth....


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( Feb. 27th, 2004 02:32 pm)

Wow!  I can't believe it; I actually got off my arse and built a website today!  My very first.  :~)

Already it's not doing exactly what I want it to do, but I'm not sure if that's due to my lack of knowledge or the limitations of the site.  Still, it's all good practice, eh?

Should have been working on my folio but my guilt is lessened somewhat by the knowledge that the building of a website is a very necessary skill for my trade.  So I wasn't really wasting my time.

Spent yesterday painting the window frame in the kitchen!  Which, although it despreately needed it, really could have waited until I'd finished my folio thing.  But son, Ben, brought home the audio version of Goblet of Fire, so I spent the day listening to that and had to do something at the same time so... 

Window looks good!  :~)

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( Feb. 23rd, 2004 12:37 am)
Actually it is officially Monday morning. Feeling grouchy. Do they have an icon for that here? Will have to check it out.
Looking forward to a day to myself tomorrow; although I am planning to get a shitload of art for my folio scanned. Can't do it on my little scanner, sadly. The art is too damn big... *sniffs* I shake my proverbial fist at the Illustration course coordinators that insisted on all art being A3 or bigger. Looks great in an Exhibition, but how the hell are we supposed to reproduce it without paying an arm and a leg??? *growls*


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