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([personal profile] leelastarsky Apr. 12th, 2011 12:12 pm)
Argh! LJ is flailing again.  :~|

Can anyone tell me how to back up all my lj entries to dreamwidth, please?  I'd lj archive, but had to pay for that last time, and can't afford it atm.
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From: [personal profile] anemonerose

Just so you know, it's taking forever to get my import to go through. I've gotten everything except the entries/comments, which - you know - is sort of the point. :-P I assume it will eventually go through, but it's been over the 24 hours they said it might take at this point, although I haven't received an error message of any sort. It's probably because everyone is trying to import at the same time; I know I don't want to lose all my posts!


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